Vapourium Ltd cares about its impact on the environment.  The company uses Opus Energy at all of it’s premises, Opus is not the cheapest, but they are providing all power from renewable electricity sources of which we are proud to support. Vapourium Ltd has been recycling cardboard boxes/protective packaging where possible from its deliveries and paper from printing since 2014.  We will continue to be aware of the impact we have on the environment. We actively pursue wherever possible measures to reduce unnecessary waste and also encourage our suppliers to do the same. All empty e-liquid bottles can be recycled in your household bins as far as we are aware.  We also always source second hand furniture and cabinets in all of our shops.  So not all of our shops look exactly the same and we think re-use of furniture is more important than a totally consistent and expensive shopfitting look.  We still manage to attain a professional and original look to our shops with this strategy.

Plastic Bags & Bottles

In 2019 we responded to the world’s plastic crisis by replacing our small plastic customer bags with paper alternatives.  We would like to thank our customers for supporting our efforts by thinking ….  Do we really need a bag when it’s just a few small bottles of E-Liquid or coils? We hope that our customers are thoughtful and careful in the disposal of their E-Liquid bottles/lids/seals/nozzles etc. purchased from us.

Going Green with E-Cigarettes Charities that we support You might like to know that Vapourium Ltd with the help of its loyal customers supports the following charities: RSPCA, League Against Cruel Sports, Battersea Dogs Home, PETA, WWF and the Cats Protection League. As a company we have a genuine passion for the wonderful world that we live in and the amazing animals that we are lucky to share it with.