COVID-19 Delivery Notices


All three of our branches are now open! Including our new vape shop in Winchester : – 1 Andover Road, Winchester SO23 7BS.  Phone number : 01962 622243.

We’re here from 9am- 6pm Monday – Saturday and 11am – 4pm on Sundays!

We are still offering the same day/next day delivery service for those who are still self-isolating or are otherwise unable to get to either shop, and we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Same day delivery is offered on a limited basis for postcodes between PO12 and PO17 inclusive, all other postcodes will have their orders sent through DHL.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Kind regards Vapourium Team

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94 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delivery Notices”

  • Harry says:

    Hey am useing a Priv N19 Kit Which coil is The best to use on this ?

    • Hi there the N19 kit comes with two 1.4 cotton coils but they are the weakest power for the best battery life, you can always use a 0.6 mesh for the most power and least battery life or there is a 0.8 which is in the middle of the two, I would definitely recommend trying both and see which works best for you or perhaps stick with the one that came with it.
      Thanks, Rob.

  • Michael Dellin says:

    How long is your delivery please. Yours sincerely Mr Michael Dellin NE331TL

    • Hello, sorry for the delayed reply. We are using DHL for next day delivery if you live outside the local area. However, if you order on the weekend please be aware that DHL won’t collect the parcel until Monday so delivery will be on Tuesday.
      I hope this helps!

  • Ross PrinceBeen says:

    Been going to the fareham shop for two years now, always helpful, plenty of knowledge on Vapes,always welcoming. Sam at fareham top bloke

  • steve ingleton says:

    Vaporium may not be the first vape shop I first shopped at but it will definitely be the last, the service Ive got from them is second to non
    unlike other vape shops Ive visited they have been the most informative helpful and pleasant of my history
    they have provided me me with guidance knowledge and flavours Ive not seen at other vape shops, im due for an update on my vape very soon and I look forward to spending my money time and the use of the next vape in my collection, you guys are the best, see you very soon

    Stars 20 out of 10

  • steven ingleton says:

    I find vaporium Fareham a great vaping shop ive rarely been to other vaping shops but non are as helpful informative and as pleasant as the staff in Fareham

  • John McCloud says:

    Hi people who are maybe new to vaping. Or maybe your a tried and tested vaper like myself. Spoke to Sam in the store Sam with the beard. Had an issue with my mod. It would appear that the tank on the mod was maybe faulty. Had the tank fixed. So far so good. Service was excellent and with a smile. Eager to please from staff member and nothing is ever too much trouble. Brilliant service excellent working staff well trained thanks to Lisa well done darlin you’ve done an excellent job with all your staff. Their knowledge is second to none. What they don’t know about vaping is not worth knowing. Fact. Sam made me feel at ease and yet again I was well pleased with how I was treated and serves. Thanks Sam. Best vape shop in the south. I wouldn’t go anywhere else no matter what. If you vape go into the store and see how friendly and professional they are for yourself. And you’ll always come back to the shop for more item’s. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. Thanks again guys for a great and wonderful experience. John.

    • Sam Street says:

      Hello John,

      Sorry it’s taken us a while to reply! Thank you very much for posting such a lovely comment. I’ll let Sam know.

      Thank you,

  • Kathey Jones says:

    Great shop and great selection. I gave up smoking 4 months ago with Sam, their NHS quit advisor. Substantial credits given if you sign up to the programme. Sam was brilliant, he was so encouraging and proud when my CO2 readings dropped. Couldn’t have done it without him. Love the fact you can try before you buy. Would thoroughly recommend Vaporium and special thanks to you Sam.

  • Ben says:

    Amazing Service. Thought I needed a new tank but the gentleman Sam fixed my current one without charge.

    Go to those guys, customer service is spot on.

  • John McCloud says:

    Popped into my vaporium store in farnham this morning and was served by the lovely Laura. Shopping experience was first class yet again. As I’m a regular and loyal customer Laura knew exactly what I wanted to order before I said it. Tell me this is not great service. Although Laura was great I have to say that all the rest of the team are brilliant too and I know there is too many to mention but they’re all amazing and helpful and above all very professional. I feel that this a 2nd home from home and that all the staff are my friends as everytime I go in nothing is too much trouble for them. If you haven’t got to try this store try it and you’ll not be disappointed. Also they have a wide choice of juices.

  • John McCloud says:

    Vaporium is the best vape shop I’ve ever used. N.o. 1 definitely. Second to none would highly recommend you use this store.

  • Terry says:

    I’ve just visited the Gosport shop and what can I say….awesome friendly knowledgable staff, the lads in their really know their stuff, no ‘blinding with science’ just upfront honest advice, very chatty and welcoming, they obviously enjoy working for ‘vaporium’ and that clearly shows in their friendly attitude. Great stuff 10 out of 10

  • David says:

    Was in the Gosport shop today, the staff are so friendly and were really patient with me while I must of tried 20 e liquids! Keep up the good work.

  • Claire Bassett says:

    I have used the Gosport store for the past 3 years. Thank you to all of the staff for being very helpful and welcoming.

  • John McCloud says:

    Was in the Fareham shop a little while ago and i have to say that all the staff are not only friendly helpful and knowledgeable but professional while serving customers. I will not use any other vape shop for my items but Vapourium. The service is and always is second to none. To be perfectly honest with you I do believe that this is the best vape shop in the south. I can’t stress enough just how good a company they are and I would definitely recommend that if you haven’t already used them to see just for yourself how good they really are to pop into the shop and see for yourself that what I’m saying is true. And once you have used them I’m in no doubt that you will use them again and again and like myself you’ll be a loyal customer like myself. Vapourium rocks.

  • Aaron Wallace says:

    Great friends have so much passion on vaping and have help me give up smoking whilst getting me to start vaping. Great customer service. Thanks to Jack, Jimmy, Laura and Sam

  • Mandy Moo says:

    To my lovely 3 Jimmy’s your not only super stars but your kind, warm, polite and helpful and even though we get into total stress heads which is down to me we can all have a laugh about it and if you cant laugh at yourself then what’s it all about? The vape shop is like Aladdin’s cave and big thanks to you all including Laura and puppy dog. Love always Mad Mandy Moo (Mandy Lee) XXX

  • Josh truran says:

    Do you have the new Smoke baby prince tanks and acrylic bubble tank? If how much are they?

  • Boots88 says:

    Hi Vaporium,

    I am looking to start vaping after about 15 years of smoking heavily. My wife has not long given birth to our first son and no matter how hard I scrub my hands and face and use mouthwash before being able to hold my son I still can smell the smoke and am getting sick of it now. I am a sceptic and unsure if Vaping will help me to quit so am weary on how much money I am willing to invest to try this out however I do want a product that will work well, looks good and hits all the right spots. I have tried looking on your website for the vapour machines but apart from a few you tube videos of your reduced items I can’t find a tab that shows me the products you sell and what their costs are? Do you have a list somewhere I can take a look at online?

    Many thanks in advance

    • Hello Boots, We have a wide selection of starter kits to fit any need or budget. Pop into one of our shops and we can guide you to the kit that best suits you!
      Regards Sam

    • Hi, sorry for the delay in replying to you, it is far easier for you to come into one of our shops, our website is very out of date due to retail pressure in stores, please come into either Gosport Vapourium or Fareham Vapourium and we will be able to show you all the newest devices, you are also able to try in store devices and we will be able to give you the correct advice and set you up with something that will meet your needs. Thank you

  • ralph edwards says:

    I went into the Fareham store today and found them very helpful and professional.
    Many Thanks.

  • Edwina Underwood says:

    a big thank you for all your help today. one happy customer..i have left positive feedback on a couple of discussions sites to.. put yourself on Trustpilot so we can praise you there to..

  • Hey, you guys have been more than generous and patient to a new a Vaper. Also to helping me set up my mod.
    Such a welcoming atmosphere in the shop and great customer service,

    Best Vape shop about for sure


  • Leigh says:

    Hey Folks,

    Do you do the fatboy glass for the clieto 120?

    Thank you!

  • jonathan watts says:

    Hi all at the Fareham store.
    First, I wish you all luck after the new laws kicked in.
    Second, I want to say thanks for being the most friendly vape shop in the surrounding area.
    Third, I bought the kangertech ceramic coils for sub ohm vaping today, and wow I am impressed. I’m not after the worlds biggest clouds, and due to eyesight deterioration I cannot make my own coils anymore. So premade are what I’m left with. After a few changes in the kangertech coils in the last few years, I’m now very impressed with the ceramic: NO MORE BURNT TASTES IF THE WATTAGE GOES UP TOO HIGH due to buttons on my units being pressed in my pockets or my rucksack….HOORAY!
    I can’t recommend your shop ( I used to love the Gosport one also before you opened but I live in Fareham ) enough, and also those fantastic premade coils, thank you!

  • Kyle says:

    Hi I just wanted to know how do I find out how many loyalty points I have and what can they be used for

    • Hello Kyle, the only way to view point balances is currently in store, next time you come in if you give us your email it will show you on the receipts how much is currently on the account!
      Regards Admin.

  • daniel says:

    hi, do you sell coils for the big baby beast?? I would like to buy some from the Fareham shop if possible please??

  • seb says:

    I have seen your nautilus x limited edition tank in the store and want one would it be suitable for my kbox mini sub

  • Christopher Carr says:

    It’s for the smok alien

  • Christopher Carr says:

    Hi there do you have any smok 0.4 ohm coils in stock?


  • kev says:

    Do you do wraps for rx200

    Cheers kev

  • brad walker says:

    hi I was just Wondering if you have the vaporesso 75w vtc in stock and what colours do you have as I will be coming in Friday to get one if you have got them thanks

  • Came in a couple of times recently asking about the target 75w,wanting to search online for these products but no joy with batteries for this product can u asist.

  • Daniel says:

    Popped in and saw Sam in the shop last week and he couldn’t of been any more helpful and the other lad who was in there at the time was very good Sam set it up for me and I’m over the moon with it I bought the kanger kbox mini and am loving it thank you Dan

  • Tanja Hill says:

    I came in Tuesday 28th June 2016 with another lady and spoke to Sam regarding my aspire mini Pegasus. Sam was extremely helpful and helped unscrew my mod from the tank and gave me lots of other advice. I’ve stopped smoking the roll ups now (only 48 hours) and am happy with it so far and hope I can continue. However, I’ve noticed my nib (if that is the right term seems to always have residue/e-liquid in it. Any tips or advice? I really still am not sure as to how it all works, I have taken the nib off several times and cleared it with a cotton bud but still the same problem. I can pop in again if it’s too tricky to explain via message.
    Many thanks

    • Hello Tanja,

      It is normal for there to be liquid residue in the drip tip, occasionally if you are on your device which is set too low in wattage it can cause the device to spit causing there to be a build up of liquid. As I mentioned, you can get different sized tips for your device which can also help with the issue. Please feel free to pop in and we’ll see how we can help you with it.
      We’re glad to hear that everything is working for you now and you’re happy with ththe service.
      Kind Regards,


  • Jess says:

    Hi how much are started kits please ?
    Thanks Jess

  • Simone Ovenden says:

    I visited your shop for the second time yesterday & I just want to say how impressed I am. Your staff are extremely helpful, very polite & really knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure coming to your shop. I’ve only been vamping since March & after smoking 20 cigarettes a day for over 40 years I’m delighted to say I’m on day 76 of not smoking. Many thanks for all your help & advice.

    Simone x x

    • Thank you Simone,
      We’re glad that you have had a good experience with us and have been able to give up smoking.
      Look forward to seeing you again soon!

      Kind regards,
      Laura and the rest of the Vapourium team.

  • Simone says:

    I visited your shop for the second time yesterday & I just want to say how impressed I am. All your staff are extremely helpful & so polite. They are all very knowledgable & it’s a pleasure coming to your shop. I have been vaping since March & after smoking 20 cigarettes a day for over 40 years, I am on day 76 of not smoking. Thank you for all your help & advice.

    Simone x x

  • Jo says:

    Hi, do you have moustache milk or dream cream in 3mg yet?


  • dan.stephens90 says:

    Hey, my Kanger Subox Mini screen has just stopped working 🙁
    It seems to be firing automatically and I can’t turn it off I have had to take the battery out, not too sure what I am supposed to do, is there a hard reset feature on it?

  • Richie says:

    Hi, I’m looking at picking up a new mod, found it cheaper locally but I like to think of vaporium as my “local” go to store now, wondered if you guys/gals ever compete price wise with local competition?

    • Hello Richie, we do price match to a certain extent best call would be to come into the shop and tell us what you would like and the competitors name/ price and we will match it within reason.
      Hope this helps!

  • stacy lawrence says:

    Can’t get a proper drag from my nautilus mini even after changing my coil any suggestions

  • Sharon says:


    Do you have any Geek Vape Griffins in stock (pref black but ss ok)? Also do you have any Element Dripper CREMA 3mg in stock in Gosport?

    Thank you

  • Jacqui says:

    A big thanks to Lisa for all your help and advice today, you were very patient with me and I love the equipment I purchased, I have been buying liquid from you up to now but will now get all my stuff from you. I would highly recommend your shop to anyone.

  • dale floyd says:

    Greetings Lisa and Sam,
    I am Dale Floyd with Bad Modder Fogger Premium E-Liquid based in Greensboro, N.C. U.S.A. BMF has had excellent reviews and success in the U.S. since conception in late 2014. BMF is now positioned to expand our network of distributors and wholesalers to a global market.
    Our first focus of expansion is the United Kingdom. BMF is looking to open limited distributorships and one or possibly two wholesalers with exclusive territories.
    I have studied the Hampshire market and Vapourium is one of the selected businesses we are targeting. Please take a look at our website
    Please keep in mind that BMF’s juices are hand crafted premium e-liquids. We don’t mass produce. We don’t intend to be in every store in the U.K. Therefore, we are only looking for specialty shops with exclusive territories.
    I see you stock Element. If you are interested in expanding your premium import juice line, I would like to send you a free sample pack along with much more information about Bad Modder Fogger. Just provide an email address for confirmation. And address for shipping.
    Thank you for your time and considerations for joining the Bad Modder Fogger family.

  • Brian Clark says:


    I have just brought the Eleaf istick tc60w and after a couple of hours of vaping (not chain vaping) the screen is showing “battery low”.

    Now I’m no expert with this but I followed the advice of giving the battery a full charge and would definitely expect it to last longer!

    Have I just got a bad battery or have I missed something?

  • Rhiannon says:

    Do you sell gift vouchers? If so, are you able to post? Thanks

  • Hello Wendy, sorry for the slow reply we are currently rebuilding the website to accommodate the web store. Thank you for bearing with us!

  • julie says:

    hi, im looking for cinnamon, do you do one? not too sweet, do you do concentrates?

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