Our Vaping Journeys

Bricks and mortar e-cigarette Vape shops in Gosport, Fareham and Winchester !

We are passionate about electronic cigarettes and quality e-liquids and want to share the life changing experience of switching from smoking to vaping with as many people as possible!

We only supply genuine quality products from the likes of Aspire, Innokin, Smok, Geekvape, Vaporesso and Kangertech to name but a few.  UK, USA and French E-Liquids only in various ranges to suit every budget.  All of our batteries come with warranties and authentication marks.  Please beware of cheap imitations!  Many of these quality products are being copied and sold cheaply elsewhere and they are not worth the risk! Our suppliers and manufacturers have proven track records; you can rest assured you will be buying the best quality innovative products available.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service along with a friendly welcome, as well as ongoing support and expert advice to choose the products most suitable to your needs.  We would love to see you in store…


Name: Lisa Grafton

Position: Director

I bought my 1st generation “cigalike” from Tescos around 2011. Having smoked for 28 years, I was sick of wasting my money and I was worried about my slight morning cough.  The cigalike wasn’t great and I needed the suction of a Dyson hoover to get anything from it, it was quite pathetic and virtually useless, therefore I quickly returned to smoking!

A couple of years later I drove pass a dedicated electronic cigarette shop in Shirley Southampton and to my surprise discover this amazing variety of E-cigs in varying colours, sizes and price ranges. I walk away with a superior device to use, (still not convinced that it would work)… how wrong could I be !? Over the next 3 weeks, I slowly found myself going off my tobacco cigarettes, I could hardly believe it! I was amazed and extremely pleased with myself, especially as in the back of my mind I didn’t really think I could ever stop smoking! My menthol cigarettes just weren’t menthol enough anymore and I’d started preferring the taste of my little E-Smart. This was the start of my journey into E-cigs and this wonderful world of colourful and sometimes strange looking devices, innovative exciting technology and an amazing variety of interesting flavours.

Above all, I was lucky to meet some wonderfully kind genuine people who have helped me with my journey so far. I will be forever thankful to those people who took me under their wing and introduced me to the amazing world of vaping, which has now led to me opening my own shop in Gosport, Fareham and yet another in 2020 in Winchester.  I am lucky to be surrounded by wonderfully committed staff who also love their varied work.

Name: Samboygenius

Position: Area Manager

Hi! I first came to vaping around four and a half years ago, I couldn’t justify spending so much on tobacco. Smoking around 30 roll ups a day, it’s safe to say I was a heavy smoker. I first started on a basic set up. Waiting on the post from China took too long, so I ended up making my own liquid and coils. This means that I have tried and tested most devices that are out there, however I’m still on the hunt for the fabled “all day vape”!

I have gathered myself quite a nice collection of devices ranging from the start (1st Generation devices) right up to the present Generation. I like to pride myself in knowing all the latest devices that are on the market and I have managed to gain myself the nickname “Boy Genius” from my extensive technical knowledge!

Any issue with coils, devices or tanks I’m sure I could help!

Name: Laura

Position: Manager

Hello, I first heard of vaping when I met Sam in 2013. I was only a casual smoker, smoking at parties or social gatherings. Vaping wasn’t something I saw myself getting into as I was only a social smoker anyway, however, I loved it and haven’t looked back since. Unlike the others, I started on quite a complicated device, a mechanical mod and a dripper! Currently I use a variety of different tanks and devices.

I am a keen learner and I have an excellent grasp of the many technical issues that crop up. I know every liquid inside out and the specs of all the devices we sell. My memory is my strong point so when someone has experienced an issue if it arises again I know how to solve it.

Name: Jack

Position: Deputy Manager

Hello, I’m Jack. I have been vaping for over 2 years now, having given up smoking for health reasons. I started with a variable voltage pen style device. However, I soon found myself having difficulties sticking to it so I decided to upgrade to a sub-ohm device and I haven’t looked back since. My favourite aspect of vaping is rebuilding and I love trying out new flavours

I try to learn about all the devices as soon as they come in so I can help customers with any queries they may have. I like helping people find the right set up for themselves, I do this by getting to know the products we sell and asking the customer questions about their habits.

Name: Sam Meatcher

Position: Sales Advisor

When my social smoking habit started turning into more of a regular habit I knew I needed to find an alternative. I had a few friends who had been vaping for a long time that helped me get started. I loved how interesting, diverse, and technical vaping can be! While I started on a simple sub-ohm starter kit I have since bought, used, and played with a wide variety of devices. I have grown an appreciation for mods and tanks of all shapes and sizes, so whenever we have anything new in the store I am always eager to learn all about it. The same goes for liquids too as they can be just as interesting and complex sometimes! So no matter what you need help with whether it’s just starting out, a little technical trouble, or picking a new favourite juice I’m always happy to help.

Name: Jay

Position: Sales Advisor

Hi, my name is Jay. Over 2 years ago I decided to try and quit smoking, so I decided to try a sub-ohm device and I haven’t looked back since! I was a smoker for 15 years starting at quite a young age. Smoking impacted my health and since I started vaping I have seen these health concerns disappear. I have now helped many of my friends stop smoking and turn to vaping, I know vaping works for them too. My favourite side to vaping is sub-ohming, especially the building aspect.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rob-1024x938.jpgName: Rob

Position: Sales Advisor

After around 7 years of smoking and binge eating I found myself at 21 stone and in the doctor’s having a bit of a wake up call. With diabetes and lung conditions running in the family I decided to make the switch to vaping to try and become more health conscious. I would still consider quitting smoking as one of the hardest things to overcome but after 3 years I’ve never felt better! I was always under the impression that once a smoker, always a smoker but I feel like us vapers are a testament against that. Vaping has changed my life for the better, I even remember purchasing my first device from our Fareham branch.


Hi I’m Andra from Estonia ! I am the newest member of the Vapourium Team. I use a variety of MTL and DTL devices, I am learning on the job all the time and enjoy chatting with customers. I also speak three languages and I’m into my fast cars. Always smiling and happy to help.