External batteries used in vaping have the potential to be very dangerous. Use these tips to ensure you are using your external batteries in a safe manner.

External Batteries- (18650/18350/20700/26650)

External batteries that are used in electronic devices for vaping have the potential to be very dangerous.  Many people will not realise the risk they pose, due to being familiar with the types of batteries used around the home.  They may look like a similar larger version BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

Batteries used in vaping harness a great deal of power packed into a metal sleeve which also contains battery acid.  Although we provide the best quality “A” grade batteries, there is still the potential for venting, thermal runaway and serious injury from your battery if you cause it to short circuit in error.

External batteries are very highly powered compact cells.   NEVER CARRY LOOSE BATTERIES IN POCKETS/BAGS WITH METAL OBJECTS SUCH AS KEYS/COINS. THEY POSE A VERY SERIOUS RISK OF EXPLOSION OR FIRE! Do not leave your batteries charging unattended at any time or expose the device/batteries to any heat source, for example a hot car interior, an open fire, etc.  Do not charge batteries on surfaces that could catch fire if the battery did overheat/discharge on its own for any reason. Extremes or heat and in fact cold can damage your batteries.  

Dropping batteries, even if they are within your device can result in internal damage that may not be visibly obvious to both the device and the battery itself. Please look after your device as you would your smartphone for example! If in doubt, please stay safe and replace your batteries immediately.  No one wants to experience the devastation of either a house fire or a serious personal injury.

Safety Cases/Sleeves

We provide silicone battery sleeves at “cost” price when you purchase any 18650s from us, these sleeves are especially designed to protect you and your 18650. We do also sell hard plastic cases that won’t break the bank, including waterproof cases.

Buying cheap batteries online or anywhere else for that matter!

Do not be tempted to use “just any old battery” because it fits the device, it’s cheaper and it seems to work! Batteries come with various amp ratings and many are completely unsuitable for sub-ohming.  Some retailers may not possess the integrity or the knowledge necessary for the batteries they are retailing. IF YOUR BATTERY GETS VERY HOT BEWARE IT MAY BE ON THE VERGE OF VENTING OR EXPLODING!

We urge you to buy from reputable shops and to learn about battery ratings and applications for your own safety and that of others.

Safe Handling & Storage

Ensure you are inserting your batteries with the polarity (negative & positive) the correct way as indicated on your device. Try to avoid inserting your batteries at angles which can damage the exterior wrap of the battery.  We recommend replacing your batteries if the wraps become damaged in any way. It should go without saying to keep your device and batteries away from water for obvious reasons.

If you are going to leave any battery or device unused, fully charge it and turn it off.

Expecting miracles from batteries.  

The lower the resistance of your coil the faster it will drain your battery.   A 2500 mah device will last twice the time using a 1.2 ohm coil as opposed to a 0.5 ohm coil.   Using your device at 60 watts will drain your battery twice as fast as if you were using it at 30 watts and so on…

The “mah” rating of your battery stands for “milliampere hour”.  This indicates the amount of time your battery will continue to operate, not the lifespan of the battery.  On average lifespan is approximately up to 300 recharges maximum, after this time your battery will hold a reduced amount of charge. There are too many factors to accurately state battery usage time as this all depends on the resistance of the coil, the wattage setting you are using it at how many times you’re pressing the button. This should go without saying, but either way, please note that the more you press the button and the longer you draw for, the more you will drain your battery!

Higher Amps = lower mah.   Higher mah = less Amps. You can’t have high amps and high mah there is always a trade off.  More load (lower coil resistance) needs more amps, so hence less mah. Battery technology is always improving, we will provide you with the most suitable, up to date batteries as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we wish you safe and happy clouds!



External Battery Safety Warnings & Advice:

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