E- Liquids

There are two main types of e-liquid, High VG and Standard Mix.

E-liquids are composed of 4 components, PG, VG, nicotine and flavourings. Liquids are considered to be high VG when they are above 50/50. These liquids are best for sub-ohm tanks or tanks with a loose, airy draw because they require more power to vaporise the liquid. Standard mix liquids are below 50/50 and these are best for most starter kits or tanks that are similar in draw to a cigarette.


High VG liquid is mainly VG (Vegetable Glycerin). It is natural chemical derived from vegetable oil. VG has a sweet taste and is thicker than PG, so it is used in sub-ohm devices in order to create thicker clouds of vapour. It is used in everyday items:

  • ​Sweeteners
  • Beauty products, such as: make-up, bubble bath, aftershave and deodorant
  • Pet Food
  • Soap and hand cream
  • Food (baked goods to increase moisture)
  • Toothpaste
  • Is it safe?

High VG liquids can reduce the lifespan of coils due to the density of the liquid. Smaller tanks which require less power would not work very well so it is not recommend for tanks such as: The Nautilus, CE5s, CE5-S, and Endura tanks as well as some others.

The most common side effect of high VG e-liquid is a dry mouth, sore throat, and increased thirst.


PG (Propylene Glycol) has no colour or odour and is thinner than PG. In vaping PG is used to provide a throat hit, however PG carries flavour more effectively than VG.

PG can be found in various household items:

  • ​Inhalers
  • Toothpaste
  • Beauty products, including make-up, shampoo and baby wipes.
  • Dog Food
  • Medical products

Critics of vaping have used scaremongering stories claiming that PG is a toxic substance used in anti-freeze. However, PG based anti-freeze is used in food-processing machinery and sold as ‘pet safe’, therefore it is not toxic. Toxic anti-freeze contains ethylene glycol which is not in any E-liquid.

However, some people find PG to be irritating to the throat and the most common side effects are dry mouth, sore throat and increased thirst.  PG allergies are rare but have been reported, so if you find yourself coming out in a rash or suffering other unpleasant reactions after using PG-based e-liquid please come into the shop and we will find something more suitable.  Please be aware that any of these side effects could also be due to quitting smoking and therefore may not necessarily be the PG.​

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